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Historical map designers ?
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Author:  MA_Hat [ 16 Dec 2004 01:33 ]
Post subject:  Historical map designers ?

A nice little collection of maps.. could be used as a basis for some historically based coops ?

Battle of The Bulge started 16th December 1944 - 60 years ago today

Author:  MA_Moby [ 21 Dec 2004 00:39 ]
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I'm working on a Bulge map. Though a certain artistic licence is called for seeing as there wasn't much of a Luftwaffe left to fight ;)

TIP. Don't use stationary armour unless you want them to pound the shit out of eachother! Stationary objects only! I just watched as three Panzer VI destroyed about 12 Shermans :D :D

Author:  MA_Hat [ 06 Jul 2005 02:20 ]
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Having read BlackCross - Red Star again (this time paying more attention to stuff) I am trying to knock together a number of coop missions and dynamic dogfight maps based upon extracts from the chapter about the Crimea.

Author:  MA_Clingy [ 06 Jul 2005 08:51 ]
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Nice one. I'll dust off the book and have another read. Found it quite hard going first time around.

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