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What do you want?
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Author:  MA_Dak [ 10 Dec 2004 12:33 ]
Post subject:  What do you want?

S! All

Ok ive a few ideas for missions using the PF plane sets, ground attack with Beaus, Spitfire escorts that type of thing.

Like to know what you want to see then Ill have a crack at it. All I need is the idea :)

Author:  MA_Moby [ 10 Dec 2004 12:44 ]
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This is what I'd like to see along those lines.

A search and destroy mission in Borneo with the Beau's? Looking for vehicles, tanks and the like along the roads and in the jungle clearings and villages! Spit escort. Japenese intercept, plus ground attacks of their own.

A dawn beaufighter torpedo attack against mechant shipping defended by submarines. Spit or tomahawk/hawk escort with a Japanese intercept.

Author:  MA_Dak [ 10 Dec 2004 12:48 ]
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Reading my mind with the Beaus Moby, Just what I was thinking, like the thought of a dawn raid as well :lol: Ill get onto it.

Author:  MA_Luke [ 10 Dec 2004 15:55 ]
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Maybe one with A20's too??

Author:  MA_Moby [ 10 Dec 2004 17:30 ]
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A20's rock

B-25's too

Author:  1.JaVA_nijssie [ 13 Dec 2004 20:03 ]
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how about supplying Merrill's Marauder
Allied side


Merrill's Marauders, a Ranger type outfit, came into existence as a result of the Quebec Conference of August, 1943
Its goal would be the destruction of Japanese communications and supply lines and generally to play havoc with enemy forces while an attempt was made to reopen the Burma Road.

After preliminary training operations undertaken in great secrecy in the jungles of India, about 600 men were detached as a rear echelon HQ to remain in India to handle the soon-to-be vital air-drop link between the six Marauder combat teams (400 to a team) and the Air Transport Command. Color-coded Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange and Khaki
In five major and thirty minor engagements, they defeated the veteran soldiers of the Japanese 18th Division (conquerors of Singapore and Malaya) who vastly outnumbered them

Todays mission
C-47 by beau and p38 allies as top cover make a supply run deep in the jungle. Merrill's Marauder are in fire contact but they are very low on food and ammo so they will not disengage

so the plot is 5x c 47( loadout for c47 is 5x cargo (set gattack on a strip or some thing)
As the dropping takes place the local japanes commander decides to attack with the few tanks he has.

As the beau and 38 are there, they are invited down
Primary target -->> hold strip untill cargo is rescued
-->> Take out tanks
AAA can is presant but being in a jungle will be light

Japanese site

General Tomoyuki Yamashita,
conquerors of Singapore and Malaya

The Japanese occupation of the country had cut the Burma Road, the main supply line to China from the outside world.
The japanese know that there are enemy troops in the neighboorhood but cant get them to fight a normal battle.
By fortune and information of some local spies the japanese now have those marauding in their sites
Japanese control of the north Burmese city of Myitkyina and the surrounding region blocked completion of the road, and japanese aircraft from an airstrip near the town can now start harassing American transports flying supplies.
The japanese have a trainings regiment of tanks, so the battle should be swift.
planes ki43
zero with bombs


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