Making Hyperlobby Work in Vista 64 (missing buttons)

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Making Hyperlobby Work in Vista 64 (missing buttons)

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Courtesy of RAF Wolf from RAF662 squadron

The Skin file in Hyperlobby has command lines with three dots in... and Vista hates delays, and wont run it. Deleting all the three dots, to two dots sorts it.

If yoo have Vista and you cant see the Hyperlobby buttons, which I couldn't.... do this

" Some of you are having vista issues with Hyperlobby

Here is what i did to fix the problem.

Hopefully I'll be able to help someone else that has this problem! I was able to fix the issue with the skin not showing up by editing the skin.ini file. It seems that when I updated to Vista SP1 it doesnt like the ... infront of the target links instead I had to change all entrys that had ... to .. (Example (main.Picture = ...\common\background.gif had to be changed to main.Picture = ..\common\background.gif and so on) I had to do that all the way threw the skin file to get them to work again.

In your hyperlobby folder using explore goto


Highlight SKIN ini folder and copy and then paste it so it does a BACKUP of the original it should paste a backup copy that says "SKIN - Copy"
now you can edit anything you want knowing you have a backup version to fall back upon if required.

open SKIN.ini using notepad

manually edit any THREE dots you see in ,so they are TWO dots

main.Picture = ...\common\background.gif
main.Picture = ..\common\background.gif

Change all lines that have three dots

Dont forget to save :P
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