Marlins Dedicated Server - Connection Details

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Marlins Dedicated Server - Connection Details

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Current details are : 50 man Dogfight server.

Map = 1941/2 Vyazma Para Drop - Both sides are to destroy as many aircraft as possible!

Previous Maps
Kyushu 1945 with the aid of some German Torpedo planes for teh Japanese. Destroy Tanks, Trains, Trucks and Ships.
MA_Moby creation based upon the Bulge
Kursk Tank Destroying Battle by MA_Moby
Okinawa 1943 PL (Poetic Licence). Mission Objectives controlled by FBDaemon - Complete any two destructions of 60 aircraft, 45 pilots, 15 Tanks, 40 Trucks or 1 ship. Time limit 24 hours

Server IP :
Hyperlobby Name : MA_Dedicated

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